Jim Daley, YOUR Candidate for Mayor
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Jim would like to thank all his campaign workers for the long hours they put in.
He looks forward to serving the citizens of Oconomowoc as their new Mayor.
Oconomowoc candidates diverge on high-speed rail (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article)
As an Attorney for the U.S. House of Representatives, I worked closely with Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. on Congressional Oversight, saving Taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. I also worked on a variety of issues protecting the interests of Americans, including the Patriot Act following September 11, 2001.

As an assistant U.S. attorney, I federally prosecuted criminal cases, protecting society by incarcerating drug dealers, bank robbers, and those participating in Identity Theft, making our streets safer.

As a graduate of UW-Milwaukee and Drake University Law School and an Oconomowoc High School Graduate and community business owner, I have always put the interest of Oconomowoc at the forefront.

Why we need change

Downtown Rehabilitation
Not only are we not maintaining our downtown, we are losing it. Drive down Wisconsin Ave. or Main Street, and one is overwhelmed by the vacant storefronts. I want to work aggressively to repopulate our storefronts and make downtown vibrant and sustainable to allow our residents more quality options at the local level to serve their needs.

City Hall as a resource, not an obstacle

The stories told about problems dealing with city hall are too numerous to list, but they all end the same. City Hall has lost its ability to serve and replaced it with the ability to dictate, We must return to the roots of Civil Service and make city government a partner in our lives, not a dictator.

Effective spending and efficiency with tax dollars

Much like a household budget, we need to stretch our tax dollars and make smart spending choices, which maximize our resident's enjoyment of our community.

Remember to vote Tuesday, April 6. Call (262) 354-0316 for help Election Day, to determine where to vote or if you need transportation to the voting poll.

If you would like to reach Jim, you can email him at daleyformayor@gmail.com or (262) 354-0316.
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